Yeah, I know. But it’s kind of a funny story. You see, there’s this guy that works for iStockphoto. His official title is Community Manager and his contributor name is RogerMexico and that’s what we call him. If you know me, then you can imagine how much fun I have with his name.

His real name is Andrew Wedderburn and he is a musician, photographer and writer. Hmm, sounds familiar, huh? His book is called “The Milk Chicken Bomb” and I asked him what the heck that meant. Basically, it’s a term skaters use in Calgary to describe a present they leave for people that have wronged them in some way. A Canadian form of tee-peeing someones home with toilet paper. You’ll have to read the book to figure out the rest.

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  • James

    My wife and I have enjoyed your blog of your London trip. You certainly have a talent for writing. We have of course enjoyed your photos as well. I do not know really how to describe it, but you seems to capture the spirit of the moment. Good luck in the coming days with your new venture

    Cousin JamesReplyCancel

  • Randy,
    These are all wonderfully done images and your style is evident in every one of them. As a seasoned photographer myself I know it’s only a split second between a good image and so-so image. Your timing is impeccable.

    Have fun!ReplyCancel

  • Christopher Campbell

    That is quite a cart of lenses. But what the heck would you need a extender for (and it looks like a 2X) for on a studio shoot?ReplyCancel

  • Chris… you have a good eye! :) That is indeed the 2x extender. The newly redesigned one that is replacing the one that I have. You are correct about not needing that for the studio session. Canon was kind enough to let us use any of the gear they brought for our studio shoot, but also the next day for our editorial assignments. I played with the new extender and really noticed a difference from the one that I have. It’s a great tool to have in the kit.ReplyCancel

It was inevitable this day would come. The wall that all creative professionals dread. When everything you plan falls apart and you feel like screaming at the Universe.

Let’s back up for a second. Today was the first day back to work after London’s second, four day holiday. Everything and everyone was bustling. Running through the streets to the Underground we were not prepared for the crowds. Have you ever seen the YouTube video where people are literally being pushed into the trains in Japan during rush hour? That’s how it was this morning. AJ and I had to push and squeeze and suck in everything until the doors closed, all contorted until our stop.

And if you’ve never been to London, let me warn you that these people must know something the rest of us don’t because they simply don’t walk. It’s a blend of run-walk with the emphasis on run. It’s a fast pace that is hard to keep up with lugging around an overweight bag of camera gear.

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  • I have to say that your shot of Pippa the newspaper lady is amazing. You seem to have captured everything in that singular image.

    When in doubt, just check back on “The Eight Bad Habits that Crush Your Creativity and Stifle Your Success”.

    Live in the moment!ReplyCancel

  • Sounds like a grand, exhausting adventure. I look forward to hearing all about it and doing whatever I can to help you keep the ball rolling.ReplyCancel

As I made my way to the Getty Images Gallery in London, news was beginning to spread of Osama bin Laden’s death. It’s times like this that make it hard to be so far from home. As much as the President would like to take credit for this victory, all the honor should go to the brave men and women in the Armed Forces who risked their lives to make this world a better place. Obviously, this was the talk of London.

The city was full of people on holiday. Because of the Royal Wedding, Friday was a national holiday and today a bank holiday, meaning a four day weekend for Englanders. We gathered for a briefing of today’s assignment and discussion about editorial stock photography. This is a new venture for iStockphoto and it’s an exciting opportunity to cover the stories of the world as we live them, documenting our society for the future.

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  • Okay so your blog has become part of my daily routine. I have dinner around 6:00pm and then check out the events of your day.

    So let’s see, you get this gig and you just happen to be there for the Royal Wedding. Then the news about Bin Laden breaks and you’re scheduled to go out that day to be a photojournalist. Things seem to be going pretty well for you so far.

    Can’t wait for what comes next.

    Take care buddy!ReplyCancel

  • Tammy

    The London Bridge that sits in Lake Havasu, Arizona of which I’ve driven over hundreds of times?:) that was a funny tidbit! I walked around Chicago snapping away at the tallest buildings I’ve ever seen! My room is on the 40th floor and my ears pop when I ride down!! And true to Kepple form, I’m photographing the amazing scenery I’ve encountered so far! Even a movie star…well, TV star mostly…Kelsey Grammer. Can’t wait to hear from you! Love you!ReplyCancel

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The thing about London is there are actually two of them. One is the London tourists see and the other is proper London. This is the actual London from medieval times, which has it’s own police force and where you’ll be driven in a taxi if you have the proper English accent.

The morning began by waking 5 minutes before the alarm— the room flooded with a beautiful pink light from the rising sun. I actually thought I’d slept in missing my early morning departure to photograph the Parliament building. Leaving with two iStock shooters, we hailed a black cab and took to the seemingly deserted streets on a crisp Sunday morning. The Parliament building was spectacular with all the gold guiding in the early morning sunlight. Two hours later, it was a race back to the hotel. My friend Chris Mann was traveling two hours to meet up and show me proper London.

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  • Bob Hackler

    “The angels keep their ancient places,
    turn but a stone
    and start a wing.”ReplyCancel

  • Marsha Spencer

    Great pictures and day-to-day report. London is a place that is on my bucket list…now more than ever because you brought it to life. Amazing!ReplyCancel

There’s a saying in London… there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes. They also say if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes. Truth be told, I’ve heard that one for nearly every place I’ve lived. With the exception of California where it was plain ole sunny every day. And yes, to answer your question, it was sunny today. Where’s this London fog of ancient lore?

Aside from working on my tan by walking about London, it was a very simple, yet busy day. What they call a guerrilla shoot, where a team of iStockphoto shooters take a couple of models and a bunch of Expo photographers in tow through various locations. Tomorrow is the last day of the Sony World Photo Expo. The official iStockalypse kicks off tomorrow night and every day, more and more shooters are showing up. I have yet to meet an American. Everyone laughs at me when I say that as I am clearly showing my international naivety.

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  • I must say that I see much more of your style in these images than the ones of the models you took the previous day. I visited AJ’s iStockPhotos site, and now, more than ever can see you transitioning into this new arena of photography. Looks like you’ll be great company.

    So I just had to find the minty peas recipe. Found Jamie Oliver’s version, that should be pretty accurate. Man those fish & chips look good! Hey is that a new iStockPhoto in the works?

    Okay I’ve been holding off clicking on the “Post Comment” button . here goes.ReplyCancel

  • Tammy

    I’m enjoying your daily commentary:) I love your writing and look forward to each blog! Have fun today with Chris!ReplyCancel

  • Give Chris whatever is the UK equivalent of a girly hug in a manly fashion! Can’t wait to see the results of your walk around town.ReplyCancel

  • Fred Von During

    Such a gorgeous girl and, I know you can’t find the food you mentioned here, not food on the menu I see at Pret a Manger site, makes me hungry for both! But at my age and love for my wife of 25 yrs it’s gonna have to be the food!! Probably won’t get the food until you open in Portland?ReplyCancel